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50 Multicolored Rose Bouquet

AED 450.00 AED 315.00



  • Color: Mixed
  • Flower Type: Roses
  • Quantity: 50
  • Material: Flower Bouquet


The amazing elegance of this 50 Multi Colored Rose Bouquet will brighten up any moment. This gorgeous arrangement is a riot of colors, with roses in a variety of intriguing tones. Each rose is precisely picked for its freshness and vitality, ranging from passionate reds to joyful yellows, exquisite pinks, and tranquil whites. This bouquet is ideal for commemorating a particular event or simply brightening someone’s day. This bouquet is an everlasting sign of love, admiration, and delight due to the traditional beauty of roses and their stunning colors. Send a bright message of devotion today with our 50 Multi Coloured Rose Bouquet.


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