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Handtied Bunch Bouquet in a vase

AED 450.00 AED 315.00



  • Color: Mixed
  • Flower Type: Tracellium, Hydrangea, Garden rose, Uhara Rose, Baby Rose, Eryngium, Matthiola, Lisianthus, Waxflower
  • Material: Hand-Tied Bunch Bouquet


Enhance your gift-giving experience with our magnificent Handtied Bunch Bouquet, a breathtaking arrangement that represents nature’s beauty and diversity. This bouquet was lovingly hand-tied to perfection and has a variety of appealing flowers, including tracellium, hydrangea, garden rose, uhara rose, baby rose, eryngium, Matthiola, lisianthus, and waxflower. Each bloom adds its own distinct appeal to the tapestry of colors and textures. This Handtied Bunch Bouquet in a vase is a timeless statement of love, appreciation, and best wishes that will leave a lasting impact on the receiver, whether for an anniversary, graduation, or wedding celebration.


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