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Dozen Red Roses in a Vase

AED 250.00 AED 175.00

A marvelous hand-tied arrangement of 300 long-stemmed red roses for a loved one.
300 red roses signifies purity and unconditional love.



  • Color: Red
  • Flower Type: Red Roses
  • Quantity: 12 Roses
  • Material: Flower Vase Bouquet


With our Dozen Red Roses in a Vase, you can take your love gestures to the next level. This stunning bouquet of twelve superb red roses is creatively arranged in a clear glass vase. Red roses have traditionally been associated with love and passion, making them an ideal option for expressing your deepest feelings.

This bouquet is guaranteed to captivate the heart of your loved one, whether it’s a special anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or an unexpected romantic surprise. The transparent vase provides a sophisticated touch, enabling the beauty of each rose to show through. Make your feelings known with this lovely present that speaks love’s language.

No. of Roses

200 Roses, 300 Roses, 100 Roses, 60 Roses


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