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50 Red & White Long Stem Roses with Wax Flower Hand Bouquet

AED 699.50 AED 489.65



  • Color: Red, White
  • Flower Type: Red Long Stem Roses, White Long Stem Roses, Wax Flower
  • Quantity: 50 Roses
  • Material: Hand Bouquet


50 Red and white Long Stem Roses With Wax Flower Hand Bouquet, a work of art of love and purity. This gorgeous bouquet mixes the passion of red long-stem roses with the purity of white long-stem roses, resulting in a harmonic declaration of love and togetherness. The tiny wax blossom gives an exquisite touch to the bouquet, taking its beauty to new heights. This hand bouquet is the ultimate of romantic elegance, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, expressing your innermost love, or simply wanting to share your appreciation. Allow the language of flowers to express your feelings. Order from our Dubai flower shop today and watch love bloom in every petal.


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