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20 Yellow Roses in a Vase

AED 250.00 AED 175.00



  • Color: Yellow
  • Flower Type: Roses
  • Quantity: 20 Roses
  • Material: Flower Vase


Transform your moments with the brilliant appeal of our 20 Yellow Roses In A Vase, an enduring arrangement of flowers suitable for a variety of events ranging from weddings and anniversaries to welcoming a new baby. This gorgeous arrangement is made up of 20 vibrant yellow roses that represent joy and friendship and are nicely placed in a traditional flower vase. 

Each rose represents the warmth of your emotions, making it an ideal gift for expressing gratitude or sending get-well wishes. Yellow roses’ cheery demeanor lends a bit of cheer to any location, making this bouquet a pleasant gesture that provides joy to both the giver and the recipient. Give the gift of these bright roses to someone and let the beauty of yellow light up their world.

1 review for 20 Yellow Roses in a Vase

  1. Anshita

    Ordered for mother’s day. Delivered fresh and on time. Thanks a bunch!

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