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101 Long Stem Ever Red Roses Bouquet

AED 999.50 AED 699.65

101 Long Stem Ever Red Roses Bouquet



  • Color: Red
  • Flower Type: Red Roses
  • Quantity: 101 Roses
  • Material: Hand Bouquet


Our beautiful 101 Long Stem Ever Red Roses Bouquet will elevate your statement of affection. This spectacular hand-tied bouquet is composed of a stunning display of deep red roses, which represent love, commitment, and passion. Each long-stemmed rose is hand-picked for its vibrant color and flawless bloom. This bouquet is ideal for commemorating a special event or simply showing someone how much you care about them. It’s a magnificent and outstanding gesture with 101 roses that will make a lasting impact. Allow the timeless beauty and smell of these red roses to express your deep sentiments and create a lasting memory.


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