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101 Hand Tied Red Roses

AED 1,099.50 AED 769.65



  • Color: Red
  • Flower Type: Red Roses
  • Quantity: 101 Red Roses
  • Material: Beautifully Wrapped with Ribbons


Declare your love in stunning style with our 101 Hand-Tied Red Roses, a magnificent masterpiece suitable for a variety of occasions such as an anniversary, engagement, or Valentine’s Day. This rich bouquet of 101 passionate red roses has been artfully wrapped with ribbons to exude romance and elegance. Each rose speaks for itself, making it an ideal gift for expressing your deepest feelings. This hand-tied bouquet is meant to create a lasting impact, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, expressing your love, or simply brightening someone’s day. Elevate the occasion with the eternal elegance of red roses, a symbol of love that speaks for itself. It’s a gesture that will be treasured and remembered for the rest of one’s life.


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